antalya airport FLIGHT MONITORS


All our terminals are equipped with several flight monitors that provide detailed flight information.

If you enter our terminals at the departure area, you will see the monitors that indicate the flight details. In the gate area, the monitors show the actual gate of the flights. The flight monitors in the arrival area indicate the actual arrival time of every flight as well as the corresponding baggage reclaim carousel number for arriving passengers.

antalya airport INFORMATION DESKS


There are information desks in each of the arrival and departure halls in our 3 terminals. The personnel at the information desks speak Turkish, English, German and Russian. Fraport TAV Antalya Airport personnel will be happy to answer all your questions.

antalya airport INFORMATION DESKS


We hope you will enjoy being at an easily-accessible airport with our staff, who will take care of your special needs.

Vehicles of persons with disabilities and veterans (including First degree relatives of veterans) will benefit from free parking provided that they show the relative documents. 1rst degree relatives of martyr’s will also benefit from this free parking service regardless of usage time.

antalya airport INFORMATION DESKS


Are you travelling with your whole family?
Both our airport and the airlines offer many services to make your trip as easy as possible.

At our airport, children are always welcomed. We have a children’s playground at Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 and all terminals are equipped with convenient baby changing rooms.

Please click here to find these facilities on our terminal map.

We would like to state that there are many activities for the children at our airport. Many of our shops offer colorful toys and some restaurants serve special meals for our little guests.

Will your child travel alone?
The airlines are liable to take care of the children traveling unaccompanied. Airlines guide your child and ensure his/her safety throughout the entire journey. Our departing underage passengers are accompanied from check-in desk to the aircraft; while our arriving underage passengers are delivered to their families at the exit. For more information, contact the airlines.

antalya airport BAGGAGE SERVICES


Baggage trolleys are available inside and outside the terminals. They are located in our departure and arrival halls as well as in the parking lot area. You can locate them on the map.

Baggage wrapping service is provided 24 hours a day for a fee at the departure halls of Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 by an external provider.

Moreover, if you depart from Terminal 1 or from our Domestic Terminal, you can leave your baggage in the luggage locker, which is located in the arrival hall of the domestic terminal. You can locate it on the map.

antalya airport BAGGAGE SERVICES


Fraport TAV Antalya Airport provides 24-hour emergency and general healthcare services in cooperation with MMS Clinics, an affiliate of Anadolu Hospital. The Clinic is well equipped for most medical situations, and is capable of handling any case of emergency. There are also defibrillators available in case of emergency.

An ambulance with emergency equipment is on call at all times. The medical team consists of qualified doctors, nurses, paramedics and ambulance drivers, who are particularly trained to deal with emergencies.

If necessary, the medical services team can work in cooperation with other domestic and foreign healthcare institutions in the city.

You can locate the medical services and defibrillators on the map.


Our airport offers 4 mosques that can be visited by all the passengers and that are always ready for use.



It is forbidden to smoke at International Terminal 1, International Terminal 2 and Domestic Terminal. However, Terminal 1, Domestic Terminal and Terminal 2 offer an outside smoking terrace after security check, which can be found in very few airports worldwide. It welcomes you with a unique view of the apron and runway. As the smoking terrace is integrated with the gate area, you can easily access shopping facilities and food and beverage points.


Wi-Fi connection is available at the arrival and departure halls of our Terminal. Internet service is provided through DorukNet.

antalya airport INFORMATION DESKS


Travelers who are not resident in Turkey can claim a tax refund for many goods purchased in the country.

Please follow these 3 steps for tax refund:

When you are buying a product, ask the shop staff for a tax refund check.
When you are leaving Turkey, present your purchases, the tax refund check and your passport to the customs desk to get them stamped.
Afterwards, present the stamped check, your passport and credit card at the Global Blue Customer Services or at a partner refund point. You can find them in the floor plans.
For Global Blue Tax Refund:

antalya airport INFORMATION DESKS


Akbank offers 24-hour banking services at our airport. Also currency exchange service is provided.

The bank is located in both arrival and departure floors of Terminal 1 and 2 as well as in the arrival hall of the Domestic Terminal.

Each of our terminals is equipped with various ATMs.

You can find the bank and ATMs in the Floor Plan.

You can find the ATMs of the following banks at our airport:

Garanti Bankası
Türkiye İş Bankası
Yapı Kredi Bankası
Türkiye Ekonomi Bankası
Türkiye Halk Bankası
T.C. Ziraat Bankası
Most ATMs accept all general credit cards, such as Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Cirrus, Plus and American Express.

Exchange Service

Global Exchange

Global Exchange gives foreign exchange service for 7 days 24 hours in our airport. The firm operates in 4 offices totally; 2 in the Baggage Claim Hall in Terminal 1 International Arrivals (next to Duty Free) and another 2 in the Baggage Claim Hall in Terminal 2 International Arrivals (next to Duty Free).

Travelex Döviz Ticaret Yetkili Müessese A.Ş.

In order to provide an uninterrupted service to our passengers, all our stores in Antalya Airport are open 24/7. That means you are most welcome to pass by one of our stores before your flight or before leaving the Airport and purchase the currencies you need, no matter what time or day. Travelex has 3 Exchange stores in Antalya Airport. You can find them in

Store 1 : Terminal 1 International Arrival Terminal, After Baggage Hall.

Store 2: Terminal 1 International Departure Terminal, After Passport Control.

Store 3: Terminal 2 International Arrival Terminal, After Baggage Hall.ı

Our airport offers 2 pharmacies located in International Terminal 1 and International Terminal 2. Our pharmacies provide a wide range of medication and wellness products.

antalya airport CIP SERVICES


Fraport TAV CIP service is providing personal assistance pre and after flight at the airport by our hospitable team as well as turning waiting for your flight into pleasure at our comfortable lounges. At our CIP lounges where your comfort and pleasure is our priority, we provide all-day refreshments, variety of hot and cold drinks, TV, free wifi internet, daily news and magazines, tablet pc, kids game room, play station, flight info monitor and warm ambiance that will make you wish for a flight delay