Fraport TAV Antalya Airport parking lot has over 2.000 (cars, minibuses and buses) parking spaces, and no shuttle is needed inside the airport as the parking spaces are within a distance of 3-minute walk from our terminal buildings. We have parking spaces exclusive to our passengers with reduced mobility. 15-minute parking space use is free in our Domestic Lines parking lot spaces.

Please click hereto see the parking spaces on a map.

It is important that the vehicles are parked in the parking spaces reserved for the passengers. The buses waiting to pick up passengers may park at the designated spaces. Our parking spaces are kept constantly under surveillance by our security staff and cameras.

Vehicles of persons with disabilities and veterans (including First degree relatives of veterans) will benefit from free parking provided that they show the relative documents. 1rst degree relatives of martyr’s will also benefit from this free parking service regardless of usage time.