You can drop off passengers on the departure levels of all terminals. Due to security restrictions, you are not to leave your vehicle and you are not to stop for more than 2 minutes at such zones.

You can also make use of the parking facilities offered by our Terminal and accompany your family and friends to the terminal. Moreover, our restaurants and shops are there to offer you a nice time.

Our drop-off points for our disabled passengers, on the other hand, are marked clearly.

Check-in area is on the ground floor of our airport.

You can find your check-in desk by looking for your flight number on the flight monitors.

It is recommended to check in at least 2-3 hours prior to your flight’s departure.

Click here to find out from which terminal your airline operates.

Check-in procedures

  • The check-in staff ask for your ticket and your passport
  • Your luggage is weighted, checked and automatically transported to the plane
  • You receive your boarding card indicating your departure gate and your reserved seats
  • From here, you are guided to the security control and the gate area

Fraport TAV Antalya Airport always serves abiding NCASR (National Civil Aviation Security Regulation), ECAC (European Civil Aviation Conference) and ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) regulations, representing national and international legislation, in order to ensure passenger security at our Airport.

For this reason, in order to ensure Terminal Security and Flight Security, please find in this link the “List of Prohibited Items” that people are not allowed to have on them at the Terminals and in their Cabin Baggage (Hand Baggage) considering the national and international legislation; we would like to advise you that they will be confiscated if they are found at Security Check Points and that “Hand Baggage” and “Checked Baggage” are prepared accordingly.

Please read the regulations on checked baggage before arriving at the airport.

Remember that you can contribute to safety and security throughout your stay at our airport.

We recommend you to read information on self-security check.